Chocolate and Pop Rocks: An Extreme Combo

Is there nothing people won't mix chocolate with? Apparently not, which is why you can now buy candy containing both chocolate and Pop Rocks

On the X-Choc Weirdness scale, the combination of chocolate and Pop Rocks may not, at first thought, register as high as, say, chocolate and bacon (delicious!) or chocolate beet cake (shudder). After all, Pop Rocks are just candy, right? And candy + chocolate = good. Right?

But then those second thoughts come sidling in, and you realize just how weird the whole idea really is. Seriously, think about it: Pop Rocks, those silly candy stones that explode on your tongue with -- let's admit it -- decidedly unpleasant sensations. Could chocolate possibly make that better?

Well, let's see.

Your Options

Truth to tell, the Pop Rocks/chocolate taste sensation is not one that's been explored commercially all that often. You can find various experimental brands scattered around Europe here and there, and a manufacturer in Israel produces a kosher brand, Elite, that seems pretty popular for some reason.

On the American front, the Pop Rocks brand itself once produced its own chocolate bars with Pop Rocks seeded throughout, but the product is getting hard to find. Even Pop Rocks doesn't offer them on their website, which suggests that they may not make these candy bars anymore.

You can always make the combo yourself, which is what we did. All you have to do is melt some chocolate, mix in Pop Rocks, and harden it in candy molds. This turned out to be easy, but of course there's always the option of taking a bite from a chocolate bar and then dumping a few Rocks in your mouth. Why not?

The Harsh Reality

The verdict? Well... ahem.

We're sorry to say that in our experience, even smothering Pop Rocks in creamy dark chocolate, Mother Nature's cure for most ills, does not make it all better. Milk chocolate, the world's second best food, was no different. By all accounts, most other people who have tried the stuff more or less agree with us.

It's not actually painful, okay? But it feels weird to eat the stuff.

This will not make those who manufacture Pop Rocks chocolate bars happy, but we've gotta be honest here. Still: it's an honestly extreme experience, so if you're a choco-extremo, you may as well give it a try.

It may simply be that we're too far from childhood these days to enjoy such a vigorous little party in our mouths. So it may appeal to kids, and who knows? If you enjoy tiny cocoa-flavored explosions, then it may well be that the combo of chocolate and Pop Rocks will become your new favorite extreme flavor.