Fun Ideas for Children Cooking with Chocolate

Tips and Recipes for Family Fun

Children love chocolate, and they love to experiment in the kitchen. That's why combining these two favorites can be a fun and tasty experience for the whole family -- if you know some simple tips and recipes to get started.

Tips for Helping Your Children Cook Safely With Chocolate

Before you decide to start cooking with your pint-size chef, you need to remember a few things. First, you want to pick recipes that get your child involved in the process of cooking.

Many parents think simply letting their children watch the process or lick the spoon is the same thing as giving them a chance to cook, but that's not the case. Children want a hands-on experience, so choose a recipe that will allow them to pour, stir, or decorate something.

Second, you want to think about safety. The amount of involvement in the cooking process that you allow should always be based on safety. Kids may ask to do things in the kitchen that seem fun to them but which are also very dangerous, such as putting cookies in the oven or pouring melted chocolate into a bowl.

Finally, choose recipes that the whole family will enjoy eating together.

Chocolate is not the enemy to our health that many people once thought, so it is OK to indulge. Remember that cooking with chocolate may be fun, but the real treat is getting to eat the results.

Two Chocolate Recipe Ideas

With those ideas in mind, you can decide which chocolate recipes to try with your children. Here are a few fun ideas that may be a hit in your household.

Chocolate Candies

One of the simplest cooking ideas you can try with your children is making chocolate candies. You can go to most cooking stores and find candy molds. Some stores have literally hundreds of different molds for every occasion from baby showers to Halloween to birthdays. The molds are plastic and usually only cost a few dollars.

Take your children with you to the store and let them pick out the molds they want to use for the cooking.

The next and final ingredient you need is the chocolate. Bags of chocolate chips or blocks of chocolate designed for melting (both are available in all grocery stores in the baking aisle) are good options here. White chocolate, milk chocolate, even dark chocolate all make tasty candies.

At home, you need to melt the chocolate slowly in the microwave or on the stove. If your child is old enough, you may want to let him or her stir the chocolate as it's melting. Once the chocolate is ready, simply pour it into the molds. Then, let your child pop the mold into the freezer or the refrigerator for a few minutes so the chocolate can set.

When the chocolate has hardened, you can flip the molds over and pop out the candies.

No-Bake Cookies

One of the reasons children often prefer to eat the cookie dough instead of the actual cookies is because they don't want to wait. That's why no-bake cookies are a great idea.

They're quick and easy to make, plus they're ready to eat in no time.

All you need to make these cookies is butter, sugar, milk, cocoa powder, oats, and wax paper. There are also some variations that also include peanut butter.

On the stovetop, combine all of the ingredients except for the oats. You can let your child do the measuring and pouring, as well as the stirring if he or she is old enough.

Once all the ingredients have melted together and are thoroughly blended, you remove the mixture from the heat and pour in the oats. Let your child keep stirring until all of the oats are covered.

The fun part is next. Spread the wax paper over the counter top and drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto it. Your children can safely do this part because the mixture should already be cool.

By the time all of the mixture has been spooned onto the wax paper, the first cookies should almost be ready to eat. Your whole family can eat them right off the wax paper or store them in a closed container until they have a chocolate craving.

Both of these recipes can have your children and you enjoying some special moments together in the kitchen. Not only will you be making some long-lasting memories that both of you will treasure, you'll also be creating some delicious taste treats that the whole family can enjoy when your children are cooking with chocolate.