About Brownie Platters:

Brownie platters earn you brownie points with friends and family...

No matter what the nature of your party or gathering is, brownie platters are a wonderful addition to the festivities.

Brownie platters, full of soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies will be a big hit. There's no better way to, quite literally, earn brownie points with friends and family!

Add a fruit platter, and you may have all you need in the way of 'munchies' for almost any occasion in your home.

Brownie platters delivered to the recipient's door are an especially unusual way to celebrate almost anything.

Whether you are saying 'thank-you,' 'get well soon' or 'happy retirement,' forget about the presents no one wants... the balloons that go soft in a day... or the cards that say all the wrong things.

Your recipient can't help but be impressed with the fact that you thought of something new and unique for the occasion.

If it's your turn to arrange the office luncheon -- or just bring the desserts to share on casual day -- brownie platters are the perfect offering.

Who wouldn't love to have a selection of various brownies to brighten up a Friday afternoon at the office?

Whatever the event or occasion, brownie platters can only add to the ambience... the menu choices... and the whole experience.

And you'll be remembered for thinking of brownie platters for a long time to come!