Bizarre Chocolate Covered Seafood

Chocolate covered seafood? Why not?

The Bean and the Weed

Seaweed gets used a lot in Asian cooking, so it was only a matter of time before someone doused it in chocolate. Based on a recent X-Choc taste-test, it's unlikely to be a top-seller here in the States. The flavor/texture combo is rather off-putting -- though not, apparently, as much as chocolate covered kimchi.

Kimchi, if you were wondering, is not a seafood dish but a very spicy pickled cabbage dish hailing from Korea. Your Humble Writer likes kimchi, but the very thought of it mixed with chocolate was beyond his ability to grasp. Besides, he couldn't find any to test.

And Then There's the Squid

Some meat dishes seem ideal for a chocolate infusion, at least once you've tasted them. Both chocolate covered bacon and chicken with mole sauce are drool-worthy indeed. Chocolate covered Squidward... not so much. Calamari is already sufficiently challenging.

That said, you may like it! You're unlikely to find chocolate covered squid in a shop anywhere, but if you like your chocolate with tentacles, or vice-versa, this intrepid soul offers a spicy recipe worth reviewing. Gotta tell ya, from my perspective this is really, really extreme.


If everyday fish snacks dipped in chocolate is your thing, it's actually possible to buy them off the shelf in Japan; and if you ask nicely, maybe your local World Market or Asian grocery store would order some for you.

These little fishies are actually deep-fried smelt, a kind of sardine-like fish that people in some parts of the world eat regularly. I've had smelt before (with a buffalo burger, of all things), and can report that they taste smoky-good. So the idea of dipping them in chocolate doesn't seem all that bad.

The new product, Waka Choco, comes in three flavors: Smelt & Sweet Chocolate, Smelt & White Chocolate, and Smelt & Strawberry Chocolate. Yum! The manufacturer, Sato Shokuhin, admits that Waka Choco was a joke at first... but then they discovered how delicious they are, and consumers agreed.

If you're extreme enough to try chocolate covered seafood, Waka Choco sounds like a good first step!