Beautiful Chocolate Soup

Getting bored with that chocolate-covered seaweed? Then how about some chocolate soup instead?

You know, I thought I'd heard of just about everything... until I heard of chocolate soup. Somehow, I'd missed out on that particular delicacy all these years. If it's new to you as well, I invite you to go with me on this voyage of culinary discovery, as we examine the details of this oddly comforting dish.

Delectable Indeed

Now, you've probably had chocolate sauce of some kind or other, and may have melted the occasional piece of baker's chocolate to add to a recipe. Could be you've even experimented with something like liquefying Jamaican chocolate balls while creating an exotic variety of hot cocoa.

But chocolate soup is more than merely molten chocolate. That's just fountain and fondue material; wonderful for what it is, but you've probably had it once or twice (or a thousand times) in your extreme chocolate journey. No, the soup is a bit more sublime.

A Warning

As much as you might wish otherwise, you're not going to be eating chocolate soup as an entrée. Well...I suppose you could, but like all chocolate recipes, it's meant to be a dessert. This does not, of course, rule out the possibility of the occasional comfort food session starring chocolate soup... hmmmm.

A Wonderful Recipe

Ahem. Time to make with the recipe, so you can see for yourself what a treat you're in for. This heavenly mixture will end up a bit thicker than most soups, but don't mistake it for chocolate pudding!

1 cup of milk
1 cup of half-and-half
1/3 cup of sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 tablespoons of corn starch
2 tablespoons of cold water
2 ounces of cream cheese
6 ounces of the chocolate of your choice, well chopped (I prefer semisweet!)

Stir the regular milk, condensed milk, half-and-half, and vanilla together in a saucepan over medium heat, then bring it almost to a boil before turning the heat to low. Fold in the chocolate, whisking the mix until it starts to melt. Then, in a separate container, whisk the starch and water together to form a slurry.

Next, dribble the starch slurry into the soup mixture a bit at a time, whisking constantly, and continue whisking as the soup thickens. Keep it up for about five minutes, until the bubbles are gone, then take the soup off the stove and serve it up hot.

A Dessert to Remember

This recipe makes enough for two normal servings, or one really big one. If you'd prefer to go a slightly thinner route (in terms of both calories and consistency), you can use skim milk, or low fat/no fat dairy products. No worries -- you won't compromise the creamy smoothness of your chocolate soup!