A New Wave in Beauty: Chocolate Therapy!

Feeling stressed? You might benefit from a dose of chocolate therapy.

When we think about chocolate, whether it's chocolate therapy or not, we don't normally think India. But India is heading the new movement that uses chocolate for what we've always known it was good for: improving health. Actually, they're using it as a beauty treatment, but never mind: proponents of chocolate therapy say it has spectacular anti-aging properties that make it the most affordable and readily available beauty treatment ever.

Slathered in Chocolate

We're not talking about the Hershey chocolate spa here. They have many products and treatments that smell like chocolate, or use cocoa butter or similar things in more traditional beauty treatments. No, the beauty center in India's Tamil Nadu is into a more, shall we say, thorough treatment.

According to these beauty therapists, chocolate therapy works best when your entire body -- or at least its problem areas -- gets slathered in chocolate. According to these beauticians, chocolate has natural anti-ageing properties that make it ideal for conditions like dry skin, wrinkles, etc. The only drawback? This isn't a one-time application: in order to reap the full benefits of chocolate therapy, you have to repeat it on a regular basis.

Maybe the idea of lying in a sticky mass of melting chocolate -- especially in a hot country like India, where you just know the stuff's going to melt -- doesn't appeal to you. But Tamil Nadu's beauty center has a large, dedicated clientele who swear by the results.

Will it Catch On?

Will chocolate therapy catch on, or is this more of an Indian tradition destined to remain overseas? Only time will tell. One thing's for sure, though: chocolate is a much better beauty treatment on you than in you! And who knows? If enough people get curious, we might find ourselves dealing with home chocolate treatments -- people melting down all those leftover chocolate Easter bunnies and stirring them into a bathtub of... well, maybe not. But the fact remains that chocolate therapy is the latest buzz in India, and we may well see it before long in the United States!